Rent A House in Las Vegas

Photo: Las Vegas Home

According to Dave Dugdale of, the Las Vegas house rental source on the web,

“Some Las Vegas house rentals that are listed for $1,195 are being negotiated down to $1,150. Also people with very good credit scores with like $200k in assets can be in a good position to negotiate a rental price down because they are considered a good renter.”

If you are thinking about renting a home in Las Vegas, you might consider doing it soon. According to a Forbes report:

“We have seen in the hardest hit markets that sales have been coming up for a couple of quarters,” said John Mulville, an analyst at Real Estate Economics

If the market continues to rebound, average home selling prices will increase and so will rental rates. Now is the time to save on rental homes in the Las Vegas area. Visit today. is a good source if you are looking for rental homes in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas including: Arden, Baker, Boulder City, Calico Basin, Calico Ridge, Callville Bay, College Park, Corn Creek, Cottonwood Cove, Crystal, East Las Vegas, Echo Bay, Enterprise, Goodsprings, Green Valley, Henderson, Indian Springs, Jean, Johnnie, Las Vegas, Mount Charleston, Mountain Edge, Mountain Springs, Nelson, North Las Vegas, Overton, Overton Beach, Pahrump, Searchlight, Sloan, Spring Valley, Stewarts Point, Sunrise Manor, Valley Of Fire, Willow Beach, Winchester, in NV.

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