Posted in October 2010

Dream Car Rentals in Las Vegas

The Ferrari 360 Spider, the ultimate fantasy sports car! It doesn’t get any better than this, 400 hp V-8 with 275 ft/lbs of torque, available for rent in Las Vegas for just $750 for 5 hrs or $1050 per day! Continue reading


Computer & Projector Rentals in Vegas

Anyone who has ever setup a computer training program, convention or trade show in Las Vegas knows how hard it is to get all the technology on-site, up and running, without problems, before the event occurs. Your Tech Travel Agent will be sure to have projectors, computers and plasma display equipment you need setup by Las Vegas local professional computer technicians. Continue reading

Rent A House in Las Vegas

Some Las Vegas house rentals that are listed for $1,195 are being negotiated down to $1,150. Also people with very good credit scores with like $200k in assets can be in a good position to negotiate a rental price down because they are considered a good renter. Continue reading