The Best Way To Prepare For The Electronic Distribution Show

conferenceLas Vegas may be known as the “Sin City”, but don’t let that confuse you. This city is a business mecca filled to the brim with different companies. While it may be one of the hottest vacation spots, it’s also a normal hotspot for many conventions. Think of all of the venues and hotels that play as the setting for almost every convention to hit Las Vegas. One among these is the famous Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This gorgeously breath-taking hotel will be the venue for a very special trade show this year as well. The Annual Electronic Distribution Trade Show.

There are some that may have not ever heard of this convention, however it is essentially one of the biggest trade shows involving all of the top dogs in the electronics industry today. Not only the big companies you may think of, like Apple and Samsung, but also manufacturer reps, distributors, and the manufacturers of the components that make all of our favorite gadgets and devices. This trade show is designed with a specific purpose in mind: expanding business. All of the companies come together to help start new relationships with other businesses, and help grow the ones that are in place currently.  Company representatives will meet for one-on-one meetings and discuss ways to help themselves benefit from each other. This event is not without its fair share of exhibits and vendors showing off new products.

If you just so happen to be one of the thousands of people going to attend this 12 day event, then know this: it is going to be expensive. Many of the companies will be sending their best of the best to represent the business. Meetings are the go to word for this trade show, even though product exhibits will be there as well. You’re going to want to have the best tech available to you during the entirety of this trade show. You are going to need the fastest processors, longest battery lives, and the most pixels in your display if you are planning on making the right impression. With as many meetings as there will be taking place and all of the reps constantly moving and having some place to be, it may not be the worst idea to look into tech rentals.

If there is a way to cut on costs, and use the best tech you can get your hands on to help you push through all of you meetings on time, then do it. You are going to need the tech and gadgets that are responsive. The last thing you need is not have your entire time going to a lecture or group meeting trying to share one iPad. It’s going to look unprofessional to the other companies and is going to be impractical over all. Since you will be spending roughly 4 days in Las Vegas (from May 5th- 8th), which is expensive enough already, it may be the best idea financially to cut costs for your business by going with tech rentals instead of buying them. Especially if  you were to only need the gadgets for the duration of the convention.

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