Set Yourself Apart at Your Next Las Vegas Convention with a Truly Professional Convention Booth Setup

Las Vegas is, without a doubt, one of the hottest locations for events. I mean, the city brought in nearly 40 million visitors last year alone with nearly 5 million people coming for conventions or other similar events. What’s even more impressive is that there were also nearly 22 thousand conventions held last year in Las Vegas as well. I mean, the city doesn’t get the nickname of the Entertainment Capital of the World without these kinds of numbers.With the city being such a popular place for conventions, convention goers and convention presenters it’s also a very popular place for technology. With all those lights illuminating the strip, it isn’t hard to see that technology is a major part of Las Vegas’ culture. Technology can make a world of difference when traveling, especially to a place like Las Vegas. With the right pieces of equipment, you can make your experience in the city, whether it be for business or pleasure, an experience that can’t be beat.Now, you’re probably wondering exactly what I’m talking about. Well, let’s say you’re traveling to Vegas for a convention and you plan on setting up a booth inside the convention center. Sure, you may be able to get buy with a simple table, some flyers and maybe a stand or two but that isn’t going to garner any attention from people passing by. You need something that can really make your little booth stick out from everything else. This is where technology comes in.

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Most people don’t have the latest in convention technology just sitting around, for obvious reasons: it’s big, expensive and it doesn’t make much financial sense to own something you’re only going to use a handful of times a year (at best). However, these factors shouldn’t stop you from utilizing these technologies at your next convention. And just how are you supposed to acquire items like an iPad Kiosk, high tech lighting and rigging, or even pipe and drapes? Well you rent them, of course. has been in the temporary technology rental business for 25 years and specializes in making your convention center booth worthy of one on the Las Vegas strip and less like one that you’d find at the Punxsutawney Comic-Con. With you can literally get anything and everything you could possibly need for your next convention. Not entirely sure what you even need? No problem. The professional Tech Travel Agents from can walk you through every single aspect of your convention experience to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need.

Let’s be honest. In a city as magnificent as Las Vegas you are going to have a truly magnificent setup to draw the eyes of all those potential dollars customers walking around the convention center floor. You want to, nay, you NEED to stand out!

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