Enterprise Starts Its First Pilot Motorcycle Rental In Las Vegas

ban_enterpriseLogoNavigating the streets of Las Vegas can be very hectic as it is one of the most visited destinations in America. The entire city is basically one giant tourist attraction. Navigating through the city during primetime or during holidays can be nothing short of a nightmare for some. Who is to say that you would like to have your own vehicle out in the midst of all that nonsense anyway? Perhaps you’d fancy yourself to be more of a roadhog when you visit Vegas. Renting is always a good option and Enterprise agrees. They have just recently instituted a new policy for their rentals. Enterprise just started it’s first Motorcycle rental program, with the pilot being located on the beautiful famed Las Vegas Strip.

Buy instituting this, Enterprise has now become the first and only major car rental company to offer motorcycles as a vehicle option to their customers. What type of motorcycles you may ask? Well the only motorcycle fit for the open desert, of course: The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Enterprise is currently offering 7 different models of Harley’s for rent. Depending on the model you rent, you will be looking at roughly $120 to $160 per day which is actually pretty standard when being compared to any entry level car from the company’s Exotic Rental Car Collection.

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When asked about the placement of the pilot program, Vice President of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car company, Steve Short stated that it only seemed natural that it open up in the Las Vegas strip. “Motorcycle enthusiasts are passionate about riding, and we heard from many customers who wanted to enjoy high-quality bikes, even when they’re away from home”, said the VP. And, quite honestly, who could disagree with that claim. There are so many different attractions in the Las Vegas area from the Strip, to the Grand Canyon, and even Lake Mead. The journey to these destinations could be seen as more enjoyable through the use of a motorcycle, at least according to the company. It may, in fact, seem a bit more exhilarating and relaxing all at the same time when riding through famed Route 66 on the back of a nice Harley, and it is through this market that they are trying to pitch the idea.

There are risks that the company has to consider though. Motorcycle accidents have a much higher fatality rate when compared to that of cars, and Enterprise has already made arrangements for such occasions. In order to rent one of these bad boys, Enterprise is stating that the customer must be a valid motorcycle license holder to make the transaction final, and will, additionally, be distributing complimentary helmets to customers in accordance with the state law.

Navigating Vegas and all of its amazing attractions can be difficult. If you are out on recreation or business, sometimes you’d rather feel a bit more “free” on the open road, and what better way to do that than on a Harley. Speed and power are the names of the game. Arriving to your next convention, or any destination or attraction for that matter, could definitely be a welcome change if you are used to being trapped inside of your car on every drive.


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