Rental Scams Reaching an All Time High in Las Vegas

rental scamMetro police have stated that rental scams in Las Vegas are on the rise. In addition to that, police say that what makes it difficult to stop them is that the fraud can come from any one of a number of different locations. The classic rental scam works with someone posing as a landlord and illegally leasing out another person’s property. Even worse, some scammers are even posing as victims in hopes of conning property managers into letting them stay.

One property manager of a house found a broken lock as well as the fact that the home was illegally occupied. According to Linda Crosbie of Realty Executives, “The people claimed they were frauded.” Crosbie says that the people told her that they found the home listed in the newspaper and that they paid $3,500 to rent it.

Crosbie believed that the occupants were victims of a rental scam and helped convince the investor of the home to let them stay. However, Crosbie later discovered the records on the property didn’t match and realized that the “victims” were, in turn, scamming her.

Metro police have stated that this is only the latest in a growing number of rental scams. “They drive around; they look at the foreclosure list. They just move in. They simply just move in and they’ll dummy up a receipt or create a receipt to make it look like they’re the victim,” said Lt. Susan Shingleton of the Metro police.

The Metro police have stated that the majority of rental scams usually involve phony landlords preying on families looking for a nice rental deal. The best way to stop the scammers is by using public information that is already available for free at records offices or online. According to Assistant County Recorder Eugene Mendiola, “This is available to them and is something anyone can do before they sign a lease.”

Source: – Police Warn of Growing Rental Scams on Foreclosed Properties

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