Senior Citizens Find New, Affordable Apartment Rentals

senior citizensIf you are a low-income senior and you are looking for a nice and affordable apartment for rent, look no further than Henderson, Nevada. This area has apartments for rent that  include spacious one and two-bedroom apartments, extras included as well as utilities, for only $500 to $600 a month.

However, there are some restrictions. Prospective residents are required to be  low-income senior citizens that are ok with living at the Smith Williams Senior Apartment Complex, which is conveniently located on city land at Lake Mead Boulevard and Ivy Street in the older area of Henderson.

However, if you are interested in this location, then you better get a move on because even though new renters are not allowed to move in until this week, the 80-unit complex is filling up very quickly. This public-private partnership is the first faith-based supportive housing tax credit project for the Nevada Housing Division in Southern Nevada according to former Las Vegas city councilman Frank Hawkins.

State, county and Henderson officials were already given a private tour of the $20 million complex that was largely financed via private lenders. Rev. Sam Robertson, the pastor of the Henderson Community Baptist Church, was inspired to have his congregation sponsor the entire project when he visited the historic Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta. Wheat Street Baptist stands in the shadow of a 17-story senior apartment complex that was partially built by the church.

Even though it was largely financed by the church, Robertson made it clear that anybody is allowed to rent at the apartment complex, regardless of personal or religious beliefs. The Royal Bank of Canada contributed nearly $10.2 million as an equity investor, taking care of tax credits offered by the Federal Government.

Stearns Bank also helped out, contributing with a $6.9 million loan, and the city did its part by chipping in $1.25 million. Additional contributors include Clark County with a $1 million contribution and the state Housing Division with a $350,000 contribution.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal – Low-income seniors can find place to call home in Henderson is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

7 thoughts on “Senior Citizens Find New, Affordable Apartment Rentals

  1. The office staff has a VERY poor and unprofessional attitude.

    When I walked in the office/clubhouse, I got no smile or pleasant greeting of any kind whatsoever. The first thing the girl said to me was, “I need to see your ID.” I elected not to see an apartment to avoid that requirement, as I am very sensitive to identity thief issues.

    This girl acted like more like an impatient security guard than an apartment leasing sales representative. As I left her office, I asked if I could look around a bit. She said, “Yes, go ahead.” In less than a minute, a woman approached me with an angry look on her face and sternly told me that an ID was required to look around any part of the property including the clubhouse. I told her I was leaving. This experience left me feeling like had just met with a prison clerk and the warden.

    These two black women exhibited very poor and unprofessional attitudes toward me. They definitely made me feel that white people were NOT welcome there. I honestly believe that what I experienced was a blatant act of racial discrimination. Since I have had many friends of every ethnicity throughout my life (I voted for Obama BTW), it’s easy for me to tell the difference.

    I feel that there is something seriously out of line with that project.

  2. Im interested in a studio or l bdrm for my low uncome senior mother. Please email me any info you have on your property

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