Retirees Interested in Acquiring Rental Properties in Las Vegas

retirementMany retirees are starting to relocate to Sun City Las Vegas due to the affordable prices, active adult lifestyles and impeccable health care opportunities. However, according to data gathered by Trulia and confirmed by, Las Vegas may have the best price-to-rent ratio in the entire country.

Because of this, old school investors are beginning to show an increased interest in re-investing in housing and apartment rental options in Las Vegas in order to have a little extra monthly cash flow. Many retirees are living on a fixed income so it is natural that the first thing they look into when retiring is to find a home for themselves. Retirees that do their research are finding that homes in Las Vegas are better in overall affordability as well as lifestyle.

Over the past five years, retirees who believed that they had a stable retirement suffered staggering losses in pension plans as well as stocks. A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute showed that one out of every three retirees had delved deeper into their retirement fund then they initially intended just to pay for basic expenses in 2011.

Home, apartment and condo prices in Las Vegas are currently at the lowest they have been in twenty years with rental prices in some areas above 10% cash flow. Investors, foreign buyers and retirees are all getting back into buying rental properties and making some easy money off of them. Retirees, unlike a majority of other property owners, have been shown to have less interest in long-term appreciation in their properties and more of an interest in immediate cash flow.

Source: PR Web – Sun City Las Vegas Homes for Sale Becoming Cornerstones for Rebounding Retirees According to

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