Private Home Rentals in Las Vegas

private homes in Las VegasLas Vegas is known for a lot of things, one of which being their hotels. Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the country, but that doesn’t mean that everybody who visits Las Vegas wants to stay in a hotel. There are some travelers who prefer other accommodations, like another person’s home.

Something that has recently become very popular in the Las Vegas area is for people to stay at a private residence. According to Michele Pombo, who works for Southwest Management Group and who deals in such private rentals, “Number one, you get more bang for your buck… plus you enjoy the kind of privacy you can’t possibly have in a hotel. For instance, you can have your swimming pool, but you don’t have to share it. And if your children are with you, you don’t have to walk through a smoky casino every time you walk to your room.”

Pombo has an inventory of around 90 properties that range from studio condos to 5-bedroom single-family homes with swimming pools located in a gated community. Each of these properties is typically rented by the month. Studio condos usually range around $1,300 a month whereas a 4-bedroom home with a pool is around $5,000. If a month seems too long, however, you can rent some properties by the week or even by the night.

A lot of interest in these types of rentals has come from the World Series of Poker, which runs from late May through mid-July at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. This tournament is a series of dozens of smaller tournaments that bring in tens of thousands of players from all over the world each and every year. A lot of players head to Vegas with plans on staying a couple weeks to two months and a lot of times you will see three or four players share a private rental and split the rent which is beneficial for everybody.

Some of the extreme high rollers in the tournament tend to favor a company known as Las Vegas Retreats, which offers what they call “mini-Castles”. These homes feature 5 to 6 bedrooms, swimming pools with surround sound and sunken bars, billiards rooms, etc… and one home even features a giant outdoor chess set. Some of these rentals cost in excess of $2,000 a night, or $35,000 to $50,000 for the full seven weeks of the tournament.

According to the owner of Las Vegas Retreats John Palmer, “If two or more couples are already planning to stay at a nice Strip hotel, such as the Bellagio, they can stay at one of our upscale homes, have a wonderful resort experience and the privacy to boot. We have 24-hour service. If the guests have a problem, they are never alone. They can reach us any time.”

One thing to look for when renting a private home are additional fees like heating for spas and pools, cleaning services and damage deposits. Las Vegas is one of the cities in America that has been hit the hardest by the declining house market. While there are a lot of vacant homes that may be great for potential renters, unaware travelers need to be careful.

A renter could put down a sizable deposit on a nice home that looks good online only to find out at the last minute that the bank is foreclosing on the property and that it is no longer available. So checking up on it first is always the smartest thing to do.

Pombo suggest that renters check the credentials of the brokers they are renting from with groups like the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce or the Licensing Department of the state Real Estate Division.

So the next time you plan on spending a few weeks in Vegas and you are looking for a place to stay, consider renting out a private home or condo. The privacy alone may be well worth the price you pay for it.

Source: The Seattle Times – Vacation-home rentals in Vegas

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