Rent and Run A Historic Locomotive

Locoomotive rentalsOk, so we write about a lot of rental news in Las Vegas here but this story has got to be one of the most interesting ones of the bunch. Sure renting cars or motorcycles is cool and renting an apartment or a house is logical but how can you beat renting your very own locomotive!?

The Nevada Northern Railway, a National Historic Landmark located in Ely, Nevada, makes the dreams people have of the old West come true by renting out a century-old steam locomotive to wishful engineers who can do everything from shoveling coal into the firebox to increasing the throttle and even blowing the whistle.

The rental price for something like this is definitely not cheap and runs into the hundreds of dollars but rates do vary. If you book and pay for a trip scheduled between April and October, then you can get a discount.

The Nevada Northern Railway offers many different trips including: A 14-mile “Locomotive Hands-on Experience” which will run you $690 and will allow you to command an authentic steam engine. If you want something a little more modern, you can dish out $490 which will allow you to operate a diesel locomotive from the 1950s. Both of these prices are $105 off the original price.

Another trip you could try is  a new “Train Operating Experience” where you can operate a locomotive that pulls freight cars, covers 28 miles and lasts around four to five hours over the course of two days, usually. This one will run you $1,990 for the steam engine and $1,290 for the diesel engine which is a discount of $405 off of the regular price.

What could be better than living out your old West fantasy in an actual steam locomotive? Visit the Nevada Northern Railway website for all the details or call 866-407-8326.

Source: Los Angeles Times – Nevada: Rent and run a historic locomotive at a discount

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