Dream Car Rentals in Las Vegas

Ferraris, Vipers, Porsches, Hummers, Luxury SUV’s, Jeeps, other exotic cars and other convertible cars are available for your perfect Las Vegas getaway.

Whether it’s an exciting night on the world famous Strip, a quiet afternoon drive in the mountains, or a drive in the country, arrive there in style with a  Dream Car Rental.

The Ferrari 360 Spider, the ultimate fantasy sports car! It doesn’t get any better than this, 400 hp V-8 with 275 ft/lbs of torque, available for rent in Las Vegas for just $750 for 5 hrs or $1050 per day!

Call Rentacomputer.com today at 800-736-8772 if you are in the market for a Copier Rental in Las Vegas.

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